We Make Recruitment Easy

Who is BFS Global

BFS is more than just a recruitment agency. We have an in depth knowledge of the Melbourne job market and are able to source the right candidates to fill the job. Our talented team can help you maximize the full potential of your business.

How we work

We start by understanding your labour requirement and matching our people to your business needs. Through our procedures and processes we will endeavor to supply highly skilled people to suit your business needs. No nonsense, just qualified staff when you need them.

What we need from you

It is as simple as a phone call. Call us and tell us about your current job vacancies or requirements and we will source the perfect applicant for your position.  It’s that simple!

What you gain by working with BFS

The employment of temporary staff can provide a cost-effective solution to your business. We can help keep your staff overheads to a minimum with a flexible workforce, on-demand, when you need it. We create mutually beneficial relationships with all the people and firms we work with.


Recruiting Has Never Been This Easy

Why us? Because we get it!

Our Recruitment Consultants have vast experience in the roles that they are recruiting for. They have experienced both sides of the job function: doing the job and managing others in that job. This includes selecting and then managing candidates.
We will not waste your time or bore you with industry jargon, buzz-words or extravagant promises. We’ll get on with the job so you can get on with yours. No Nonsense.
We measure our success by seeing our staff succeed professionally while being engaged and committed to the business, our clients, candidates and of course to each other. Success in this industry is based on strong relationships, something we at BFS nurture with all stakeholders, especially clients and candidates.
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